Triad Business Network, International
(Youth Entrepreneurial Support Program and Incubator)

The mission of TBN Y.E.S. is to empower youth locally, nationally and globally through the development of their talents by educating, training and motivating them by utilizing entrepreneurial initiatives

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  Programming for Youth Businesses

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Many young people across the nation and around the world face problems with low academic achievement, low self esteem, increased incidents of violence, increased use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Some key reasons for this epidemic are 1) they have few educational outlets 2) there is insufficient positive adult involvement in education 3) there is a lack of extracurricular programs to enhance student's creative capabilities.  There are many students who have great ideas and could use those very ideas to start their own businesses, but lack the resources. The TBN Y.E.S Program intends to provide the resources that these young people are lacking.  These resources will be extended to include the disabled.