The following objectives will be met through collaborative efforts:

Training Future Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs – NEA/Kidpreneur Project, Inc., teaches various entrepreneurial concepts and business skills to help students start businesses while in school.  Whether a student aspires to own a neighborhood deli, build the next technology giant, or develop a business unit for a major corporation, NEA and the TBN Y.E.S. program will work together as a unit to ensure that youth who participate in the program will have a jump start with regard to business development skills. 

Strengthening Personal Skills – In addition to entrepreneurial skills, these students must also have excellent personal skills and the capabilities to adapt to various professional situations.  The TBN Y.E.S program offers its members many opportunities to interact with professionals to develop these skills while developing valuable social capital.

Highlighting Positive Student Role Models – To help students grow their businesses and provide a positive image of young people, KidCommerce promotes student business activities.  As a result, students gain confidence, strengthen their entrepreneurial character, and build successful businesses.

Providing Exposure – Entrepreneurial opportunities can be found in every industry and field of study.  Students must be exposed to these opportunities to broaden their horizons and let them see the range of their entrepreneurial and career capabilities.  With this in mind, the Y.E.S. program in conjunction with Triad Business Network, International is striving to expose students to a wide range of business people in various industries.

Creating a Learning Community – Young people are faced with many challenges in today’s society.  To help students avoid the negative pressures that exist among young people, youth organizations must create positive environments that promote success-generating activities.   Fortunately, NEA provides a forum for aspiring entrepreneurs to meet, share ideas, and learn from other successful youth entrepreneurs, while the overall Y.E.S program will expose these same youth to businessmen and women who will serve as mentors.

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In keeping with the mission statement, a collaborative effort has been established with NEA & Kidpreneur Project, Inc.  While assisting with improving academic performance, reducing the incidence of behavioral problems, increasing recreational and social opportunities, and promoting positive parental involvement, the TBN Y.E.S. program also affords students the opportunity to participate in business plan competitions, compete for office space and the list goes on.

Expected Results
Middle School students’ grades and test scores improve. Participants become proficient in an applied life skill. Incidences of substance abuse and violence decrease. Parents become more involved in their children’s education. Participants have the opportunity for a daily supervised business activity of their choice.